It All Started Yesterday…

…when, after listening to me clang around our tiny kitchen for two hours, my housemate suggested that I start a blog. The “scones” in the oven were timed to finish in three minutes but were oozing across the pan like pancake batter. I cursed emphatically then realized:

1. I had just created the ugliest scone I’d ever seen.

2. I probably screwed something up somewhere.

3. This must happen to more people than I realize.

4. I should blog about my misadventures.


2 thoughts on “It All Started Yesterday…

  1. Pea, liked the blog very much. Kind of like Rachel Ray meets Arianna Huffington with a pinch of cayenne. I think your on to something. love, dad

  2. I think this is the best idea EVER. KEEP WRITING! This is Julia Childs dating David Sedaris and cursing at the lack of reality in f’ing Martha Stewart any and everything. I’ve already laughed out loud (while learning a lot) multiple times after only reading the croissant and the texas cookie entries. Don’t stop. Keep baking, keep writing! I’ll keep reading and pass it along! 🙂

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