People, I’ve found, often confess their baking shortcomings when they find out how I like to spend my time. This blog is for them.  This site began when I was twenty three years old, on the shaded side of a dingy duplex. I spent an afternoon mooching off a neighbor’s internet connection, trying to figure out how to make a terrific scone.  

This site continued on my desktop throughout the dullest, “we weren’t meant to spend it this way,” post-college job I had actually thought I wanted. Feeling misplaced, stifled, and unchallenged, I indulged in a fundamental pastime, and baked my way into a fresh reality. This blog is for myself, a way to remember each step.

And perhaps, if you can find a beginner’s lightheartedness–the guts to explore, bury your hands in a pile of flour, clang the dishes, be unsure, celebrate and create–this blog might be for you, too.  


4 thoughts on “About

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  2. Found your lovely (and delicious) blog in time to bake a wonderful cake for my Mum’s birthday! Much love x

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