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Thanks y’all!


1,000 all time views today! Oh happy Monday, this itty bitty blog just broke into the triple digits. Thanks everyone for reading, you’ve made all the dirty dishes and hours of typing truly worth something.

If you’ve liked the posts so far, share them with your friends and family (you never know who might be in need of some bake-spiration). If you have a question about a recipe or suggestion for a future post, you can e-mail me at for a quick response.

The quirky baker in me bows to the quirky baker in you.

Oh Yeah, I’m Getting Paid to Bake


My station.

Forgot to mention…

that towards the end of August, while working in the least glamourous job in the social services as a direct care staff, my new (awesome) roommate Amber tipped me off to a baking position at George’s Cafe where she had interviewed to work. I called the manager of the cafe, left a quick but confident message and resolved not to invest too much time or emotional investment in the opportunity. That is, until the next afternoon, when I was called for an in-person interview >> Holy crap.

After squealing, hyperventilating, calling my mother, and spell checking my resume, I left home for the interview. Once there, rather than worrying about all of the obvious reasons why I might not be hired — little cooking/baking experience in a commercial kitchen, no professional references from working chefs, lack of culinary school degree…I could go on — I focused on why I wanted to work as in a kitchen making baked goods. During my interview, I highlighted the qualities that I could bring to the table if hired, such as a willingness to collaborate and accept criticism to develop the best possible product. And it worked.

And, straight-away, I got to work developing my own recipes to use for the cafe (since they, remarkably, did not have any trusted recipes for baked goods in place). I spent the entire weekend measuring, mixing, scooping, converting measurements from volume to weight, and generally freaking out. On Sunday night I took and inventory of what I’d created: some inedible bran muffins, a dozen so-so cookies, a remarkably delicious pecan coffee cake, and a boatload of dishes. Not every recipe turned out flawlessly. I did not breeze through it with the glowing wakefulness of Giada Delaurentiis. But I baked more than I ever had in my life, and I was not to be deterred.

And now, even though spending forty hours a week in constant motion is exhausting and reproducing the same recipes over and over and over again is less than thrilling, I know I can’t complain. I mean, I’m paying my bills with muffins and scones – what more could a girl ask for?

It All Started Yesterday…

…when, after listening to me clang around our tiny kitchen for two hours, my housemate suggested that I start a blog. The “scones” in the oven were timed to finish in three minutes but were oozing across the pan like pancake batter. I cursed emphatically then realized:

1. I had just created the ugliest scone I’d ever seen.

2. I probably screwed something up somewhere.

3. This must happen to more people than I realize.

4. I should blog about my misadventures.